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At Codino we believe that great software can have an positive impact on the world. With our expertise in product development we will help you transform your idea into a MVP ready for market launch, keeping the costs, speed and superior quality in mind.

Why Codino

10+ years of experience in working with startups including US, HK, EU
Industry specific knowledge including Retail, Hospitality, Fintech, Entertainment, Finance
A large portfolio of successfully launched MVPs
Solid expertise in machine learning, data science and big data

How we can support your business


Our team members guide your through every stage of mvp product development. We can assist with business needs elicitation, product conceptualization, software project roadmapping, and budgeting.

UI/UX Design

Leveraging in-depth research on your audience's behaviors and needs, we craft visually appealing, user-friendly interfaces that ensure smooth interactions, enhance conversion rates, and build lasting customer loyalty.

MVP Development

Our team using latest technologies transforms your concept into a minimum viable product (MVP) with essential features. This operational prototype enables you to collect crucial feedback from early adopters with minimal cost and effort, setting the stage for a successful final product launch.

Software Engineering

At Codino we create comprehensive software solutions, including web, mobile, and desktop applications. We ensure these solutions meet your business requirements, and deliver value to your audience. Our services cover development, testing, integration with other platforms or services, and post-release maintenance

Product Modernization

Our team revitalizes your existing software product to enhance its performance, maintainability, and scalability, ensuring it outperforms competitors and adapts to emerging market or tech trends. This process can involve code refactoring, architecture renovation, cloud migration, new functionality, and security upgrades.

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Client spotlight

5 months
delivery time
Fundraising and marketplace app
Our client sought to create a donation fundraising and marketplace platform where every purchase contributed to supporting those in need. Codino delivered a fully functional MVP within just 5 months, comprising a cross-platform mobile app and robust backend services. Following a successful MVP launch, we continued to enhance and expand the system.
registered users
Sport streaming platform
We were involved from the very beginning in creating a sports streaming MVP featuring micropayment capabilities. We developed the web application and microservices-based backend. Following the successful MVP launch, we continued to iterate and expand the platform. Today, with over 50,000 registered users, our solution continues to redefine how sports fans engage with content.

Advanced technologies to enhance your software product

Product development lifecycle

At Codino, we believe that a well-defined product development journey is key to mutual understanding and success. We provide comprehensive services that span every stage of product development, ensuring our solutions meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Conduct workshops, brainstorming sessions, and interviews to clarify your business objectives

  • Perform market research, competitor analysis, and customer discovery to pinpoint your specific market and understand customer needs and pain points

  • Define the functional and non-functional requirements essential for the software product

Development tech stack

We believe that our diverse set of technologies and third-party services is perfectly tailored to fit wide range of projects scopes and budgetary needs.

Programming Languages

  • Java

  • Javascript

  • Kotlin

  • Scala

  • Typescript

  • PHP

  • Python

What Clients say about us

All members of the Codino team fit seamlessly into our delivery teams, building excellent relationships and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our Roadmap in a timely and efficient way. We have built extremely good relationships with them and they feel just like part of the team

Pete Willcox

VP Product

The team showcased best practices in code quality and architecture, leading to scalable and maintainable solutions. The team was exceptionally responsive to feedback throughout the development process. Regular check-ins and review meetings facilitated an open line of communication, allowing for iterative adjustments based on our needs. They felt like our employees - they were perfectly mixed into our culture and working style.

Peter Holc


The expertise of the leaders, coupled with the diverse skill sets of their teams, truly sets them apart. Their vast experience across a myriad of projects ensures that they can adeptly handle virtually any project you envision. Furthermore, their deep involvement in the process is palpable; it's as if they seamlessly integrate and become an intrinsic part of your in-house development team.

Marcin Walaszczyk


Codino is working on creating a product for our company, they have a keen understanding of technology and do not just engage on just accepting my requirements, rather they provide keen insights on improved ways to achieve the same requirement. Through our association, my organization has launched our product successfully with many of our customers complimenting us on the design and stability of the product and all kudos to the Codino team for helping us achieve this praise. I would definitely recommend Codino to others in search for the right team for their technology implementation.

Vishnu Kaura

Assistant VP Product & Strategy

The greatest value of working with Codino was their professionalism and the ability to search for and suggest the best solutions. In addition to carrying out current tasks, we could count on support and advice in the development of our apps

Łukasz Królak

Head of Product Management

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