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We offer a free audit of your needs, conducting thorough interviews and business analysis to identify the best solutions for you. Our team handles the complex technical details, transforming them into practical improvements tailored to your business. Let's simplify your digital transformation together.

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We leverage the latest and most advanced technologies to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our expertise spans a wide range of technologies, ensuring that we can provide the best solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s front-end or back-end development, cloud computing, data analytics, or artificial intelligence, we have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

A broad ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and libraries makes Java a sure choice for enterprises processing volumes of complex data.
The preferred language for modern Android development, enhancing productivity with its concise syntax and full Java interoperability.
The superset of JavaScript that brings static typing to improve code quality and maintainability in large-scale applications.
The go-to choice for microservice-based cloud development, known for its event-driven architecture and scalability.
A versatile language with a vast ecosystem, perfect for web development, data science, and automation due to its simplicity and readability.
The preferred deep learning framework for researchers and developers, known for its dynamic computation and robust support for neural network training.
React & ReactNative
The libraries of choice for building interactive user interfaces, with a strong community and a vast ecosystem that supports complex, dynamic web and mobile applications.
A powerful framework with a comprehensive ecosystem of tools and libraries, making it ideal for building dynamic, large-scale web applications.
The framework for building high-performance, server-rendered React applications, known for its ease of use and static site generation capabilities.
The trusted platform for building real-time data pipelines and streaming applications, ensuring high throughput and fault tolerance.
The industry standard for orchestrating containerized applications, ensuring efficient management and scalability across complex environments.
Amazon Web Services
The leading cloud platform offering a vast array of services and scalability options, ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to leverage cloud computing.
The cloud data platform known for its scalability, secure data sharing, and powerful analytics, making it a favorite for data warehousing.
An advanced open-source relational database renowned for its reliability, extensibility, and support for complex queries and data types.
The leading NoSQL database, ideal for modern applications requiring flexible schemas, high availability, and horizontal scalability.
A broad ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and libraries makes Java a sure choice for enterprises processing volumes of complex data.

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What Clients say about us

All members of the Codino team fit seamlessly into our delivery teams, building excellent relationships and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our Roadmap in a timely and efficient way. We have built extremely good relationships with them and they feel just like part of the team

Pete Willcox

VP Product

The expertise of the leaders, coupled with the diverse skill sets of their teams, truly sets them apart. Their vast experience across a myriad of projects ensures that they can adeptly handle virtually any project you envision. Furthermore, their deep involvement in the process is palpable; it's as if they seamlessly integrate and become an intrinsic part of your in-house development team.

Marcin Walaszczyk


The team showcased best practices in code quality and architecture, leading to scalable and maintainable solutions. The team was exceptionally responsive to feedback throughout the development process. Regular check-ins and review meetings facilitated an open line of communication, allowing for iterative adjustments based on our needs. They felt like our employees - they were perfectly mixed into our culture and working style.

Peter Holc


Working with Codino has been exceptional. Their dedication to our project's success was unparalleled. From meticulous attention to detail to proactive problem-solving, they consistently exceed our expectations.

Todd Gibson

VP of Product

Codino seamlessly integrated into the client's team and delivered high-quality work, achieving a successful launch and generating recurring revenue for the client. The team delivered on time and was responsive, adaptive, and efficient at using GitHub. Their expertise and readiness were impressive.

Tomasz Naumowicz


Maciek and his team are amazing. We went to them with our project, wireframes, and deadlines and not only did they stay on track with their deadlines, they provided great insight and knowledge into areas that helped us improve our platform. Highly recommend them!

Zach Walker


The greatest value of working with Codino was their professionalism and the ability to search for and suggest the best solutions. In addition to carrying out current tasks, we could count on support and advice in the development of our apps

Łukasz Królak

Head of Product Management

Codino is working on creating a product for our company, they have a keen understanding of technology and do not just engage on just accepting my requirements, rather they provide keen insights on improved ways to achieve the same requirement. Through our association, my organization has launched our product successfully with many of our customers complimenting us on the design and stability of the product and all kudos to the Codino team for helping us achieve this praise. I would definitely recommend Codino to others in search for the right team for their technology implementation.

Vishnu Kaura

Assistant VP Product & Strategy

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We'll navigate you through a tailored process to optimize your business with custom solutions and ongoing support.

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    Discovery and Analysis

    We start with workshops, brainstorming sessions, and interviews with you to clarify the goals and better understand your business.

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    After analyzing your requirements, we plan and propose technological solutions, discussing their benefits and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

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    Implementation and Adaptation

    Accepted solutions are smoothly implemented and tested, with provision of necessary staff training as required.

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    Monitoring and Support

    Ongoing support and system monitoring ensure your satisfaction, with swift resolution of any issues or additional needs.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I consider Codino as the software development partner

Consider Codino because we have a team of 30+ technology experts ready to assist you at any stage of your product development journey. Our case studies highlight how partnerships, ranging from a few months to 5 years, have helped businesses in multiple countries gain a competitive edge. Additionally, our Clutch reviews from CTOs, Product Owners, and Software Strategists showcase our success in delivering high-stakes projects. These reviews are based on phone interviews conducted by independent researchers. To see if we are a good fit for your development needs, schedule a free and private consultation with us.

What is the cost of developing my application?

The cost of developing a bespoke software solution varies significantly based on the project’s complexity. For small businesses, custom software costs can start at €15,000, while mid-sized companies might spend between €80,000 and €200,000. For large enterprises with complex needs, costs can start go even higher. Cost factors include:
  • Development team composition and size
  • Technology stack
  • Duration of software development
  • Software or hardware integrations
  • Project size
  • Number, type, and complexity of features
  • Post-deployment support and maintenance
  • Interface design

How long can it take to develop my custom product?

Developing custom software can take anywhere from a few months to 1-2 years, depending on your requirements and project scope. The timeline extends for more complex, highly customized systems, niche features or interfaces, and numerous integrations.

What engagement models do you offer?

We offer the following engagement models: Dedicated Team We offer a team of specialized experts for long-term collaboration. Pricing is based on the time required to complete the defined tasks. Time and Material We provide developers at a set fee, with the final cost determined by the person-hours and materials expended on your project. Fixed-Price Our developers will join your project for a fixed price based on an agreed scope, development budget, and timeline.

Do you offer custom software development for my industry?

Yes, we are open to working with any industry. Our team's expertise in strategy, project management, and development has proven effective across diverse sectors, including artificial intelligence, and big data. Codino has also supported other custom software development companies, showcasing our versatility. We have particularly refined experience in several industries, such as Streaming, FinTech, Marketplaces, Cashbacks, and Retail.

Should I outsource my development or do it in-house?

Using an in-house development team or outsourcing to a third party each has its advantages and disadvantages. Developing a software product with your internal resources offers better control over the process and simplifies team management and communication. However, hiring and retaining a team of professionals requires substantial investment. Outsourcing, while presenting some vendor-related and security risks, can significantly reduce project expenses and speed up software release if you choose a reliable vendor. Some businesses prefer a hybrid model, combining in-house project management with outsourced development teams.