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Client Overview

Recast is a platform that resets what it means to stream. Making access fairer, rewarding creators better, and connecting through content. Where Fans pay creators per view, rather than the platform per subscription. And where up to 85% of the income goes directly to the Publishers. A fairer split for creators and a fairer choice for Fans. With Recast, content is priced from just 1p per minute, using an in-platform credit system, 'Cast Credits'. Casts can either be purchased or earned in-platform by watching ads, sharing videos or data, or by inviting friends to join. Recast’s unique microtransaction model makes content accessible and affordable for all. Recast is headquartered in Edinburgh with a staff of over 50, and has raised £15m investment to date. Currently available in over 90 countries, it has over 150 channels ranging from British Fencing to Manchester City and World Curling, with a steady stream of new Channels coming onboard.

Client Needs

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable Infrastructure

Flexible Architecture

Flexible Architecture

Enhanced Payment Model

Enhanced Payment Model

Content Management and Analytics Tools

Content Management and Analytics Tools

Before engaging with our team, Recast faced challenges related to the need for a scalable infrastructure and adapting its payment model to meet the expectations of creators and users. They required a more flexible architecture to quickly adapt to evolving market needs, as well as tools for content management and data analytics to empower publishers to monitor and optimize their activities effectively.

Services Provided

API Development: Our team was responsible for designing and implementing robust and efficient APIs to facilitate seamless communication between different components of the Recast platform.

Application Management & Support: We provided ongoing management and support services to ensure the smooth operation of the Recast application, addressing any issues and implementing necessary updates.

Application Testing: Rigorous testing procedures were employed to ensure the quality and reliability of the Recast application, including functional, performance, and security testing.

Custom Software Development: Tailored software solutions were developed to meet the specific needs of Recast, including the implementation of unique features and functionalities to enhance the streaming experience.

Microservices Architecture Services: Our team played a key role in designing and implementing a microservices architecture for Recast, breaking down the monolithic structure into smaller, more agile services to promote scalability and streamlined development.

Scope of Work

  1. Ongoing partnership with client teams to advance frontend and backend development, all built on a robust microservices architecture.

  2. Actively shaping and enhancing the system's architecture.

  3. Breaking down the monolithic structure into smaller, more agile services, promoting streamlined development and scalability across the entire system.

  4. Crafting a dedicated frontend application, empowering publishers to effortlessly manage video content, access comprehensive statistics, orchestrate live streams for a vast user base stream directly from their devices.

  5. Innovating a video indexing mechanism that ensures swift, scalable search and content categorization capabilities.

  6. Rigorous performance testing and user behavior modeling, tailored to meet the demands of major sporting events.

Technologies Used

React: Used for building the frontend user interface of Recast, providing a responsive and interactive streaming experience for users across various devices.

Node.js: Chosen as the backend runtime environment for its non-blocking I/O and event-driven architecture, facilitating real-time communication and efficient handling of concurrent connections.

AWS (Amazon Web Services): Leveraged for cloud infrastructure services such as computing power, storage, and content delivery, ensuring high availability, scalability, and security for Recast's platform.

Kubernetes: Utilized for container orchestration, ensuring scalability and efficient management of Recast's microservices architecture.

PostgreSQL: Selected as the relational database management system for storing and managing structured data related to users, content, and transactions within Recast.

TypeScript: Implemented to enhance code quality and maintainability, offering static typing and improved developer tooling for the frontend and backend codebases.

Redis: Employed as a high-performance, in-memory data store for caching frequently accessed data and improving overall system responsiveness.

MeiliSearch: Integrated for implementing fast and relevant search functionality within Recast, enabling users to easily discover and access content based on their preferences.

Development Process

When we began our journey with Recast, we started as a dynamic two-person frontend team. As the platform's needs expanded, our dedicated team grew to include nine specialists covering frontend, backend, and system architecture. Our journey with Recast reflects our commitment to evolving and expanding alongside our clients, delivering unparalleled expertise and tailored solutions.

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What our clients say

All members of the Codino team fit seamlessly into our delivery teams, building excellent relationships and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our Roadmap in a timely and efficient way. We have built extremely good relationships with them and they feel just like part of the team

Pete Willcox

VP Product

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