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At Codino we develop custom and platform-based web applications to help companies digitize their internal operations, streamline business transactions, improve customer-facing services, and create innovative digital products.

Why choose us

Long term partnerships, with 70% of our customers staying with us for over three years and 45% hiring us for multiple services.
Industry specific knowledge including Retail, Hospitality, Fintech, Entertainment, Finance
10+ years of experience in front-end and back-end development
We drive innovation with our company-wide R&D program

Our Development Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services, encompassing development, migration, modernization, testing, and more. These services assist enterprises in aligning their applications with evolving business needs, ensuring they remain competitive and efficient in a dynamic market landscape.

Tech Consultation

We will help you choose the optimal technology stack for your technical and business needs through our proven processes and agile project management.

Application Development

At Codino we develop web, mobile, and cloud applications of varying complexity to help companies across industries streamline internal operations, optimize business transactions, and digitize customer-oriented services.

Optimization and Scaling

Expand functionalities and enhance performance to meet the latest standards, optimizing your applications for improved efficiency and scalability. Our approach ensures your systems are not only up-to-date but also capable of handling increased loads and future growth, providing a seamless and robust user experience.

Application Modernization

Within our services, we offer enhancements to outdated or ineffective parts of legacy solutions, helping enterprises address poor performance, usability issues, and high total cost of ownership. Our application modernization competencies include: Refactoring, Re-architecting, and Customizations

Headless CMS Integration

Utilize CMS solutions such as Strapi to create dynamic e-commerce experiences, leveraging Shopify's headless CMS capabilities.

Client spotlight

shorter time to market
Fintech platform for household bill management
We were brought in as an rescue team to assist with poor quality codebase and meeting the MAM project's tight deadlines. By refactoring the frontend application, resolving issues, and developing new features, we ensured the platform launched on time with optimal performance.
registered experts
Education platform with AI capabilities
Initially we were engaged to develop a separate admin panel for Pathship's education platform. After the quick delivery, the Pathship management decided to hire or team full-time. We subsequently joined the core development team, contributing to both the frontend and microservices backend to enhance and expand the platform.

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Our development expertise

Our development framework

  • 01


    We assess your requirements and define the tech stack

  • 02


    We create project's roadmap and plan sprints

  • 03

    UX/UI Designs

    Our design team prepare your app's look and feel

  • 04


    Our developers create the application code

  • 05


    We test the app for bugs and issues through QA process

  • 06


    We launch the application and prepare for new iterations

Software development cost factors

Application size

The larger the application, the more time and resources are required for development. Additionally, large applications demand more server space, increased maintenance efforts, and can result in higher monthly fees.

Tech stack

Selecting programming languages with abundant reusable components and libraries can simplify and accelerate application development, ultimately reducing costs. Conversely, using technologies that lack these prewritten elements will require more time and effort.

Feature set

For custom applications, development costs increase with the number of features. Similarly, for PaaS-based apps, adding custom features to the standard set also drives up development costs.


Using ready-made templates for an application’s UX/UI is more cost-effective than having specialists create a unique design tailored to your brand identity and target users' preferences. Incorporating creative visual elements such as animations or videos into the user interface can also increase costs.


Integrating applications with third-party software via APIs is straightforward for software engineers. However, if ready-made connectors are unavailable, developing custom integrations can increase costs.

Team Composition

The types of specialists involved in a project, their number, and their qualifications are significant cost factors in application development.

What Clients say about us

All members of the Codino team fit seamlessly into our delivery teams, building excellent relationships and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our Roadmap in a timely and efficient way. We have built extremely good relationships with them and they feel just like part of the team

Pete Willcox

VP Product

The team showcased best practices in code quality and architecture, leading to scalable and maintainable solutions. The team was exceptionally responsive to feedback throughout the development process. Regular check-ins and review meetings facilitated an open line of communication, allowing for iterative adjustments based on our needs. They felt like our employees - they were perfectly mixed into our culture and working style.

Peter Holc


The expertise of the leaders, coupled with the diverse skill sets of their teams, truly sets them apart. Their vast experience across a myriad of projects ensures that they can adeptly handle virtually any project you envision. Furthermore, their deep involvement in the process is palpable; it's as if they seamlessly integrate and become an intrinsic part of your in-house development team.

Marcin Walaszczyk


Codino is working on creating a product for our company, they have a keen understanding of technology and do not just engage on just accepting my requirements, rather they provide keen insights on improved ways to achieve the same requirement. Through our association, my organization has launched our product successfully with many of our customers complimenting us on the design and stability of the product and all kudos to the Codino team for helping us achieve this praise. I would definitely recommend Codino to others in search for the right team for their technology implementation.

Vishnu Kaura

Assistant VP Product & Strategy

The greatest value of working with Codino was their professionalism and the ability to search for and suggest the best solutions. In addition to carrying out current tasks, we could count on support and advice in the development of our apps

Łukasz Królak

Head of Product Management

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