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At Codino, you’ll find the expertise to transform your ideas into complete AI solutions. We offer end-to-end AI consulting and development, guiding you through every stage of implementation, from initial assessment to deployment and beyond.

The business value of artificial intelligence


of total profit by 2030 will come from AI-powered product enhancements



expected cost reduction in the next 3 years among intelligent automation adopters



faster response time is expected by 2024 from companies adopting AI


Why Codino

4+ years of experience in delivering AI-driven solutions
10+ years of IT development services
A large portfolio of successful AI Projects
Solid expertise in machine learning, data science and big data

Client spotlight

fraud reduction
Anti-Fraud solution
Our team built a solution for detecting fraudulent activities within client's platform. Previously tedious and manual process was replaced by advanced machine learning algorithms that scrutinize transaction patterns and identify anomalies indicative of fraud. By continuously learning from vast amounts of data, it can distinguish between legitimate and suspicious activities with high accuracy.
client revenue increase
Video platform recommendation engine
We helped with development of system that was designed to enhance user experience by providing personalized content suggestions. Previously reliant on basic algorithms, our new solution leverages sophisticated machine learning techniques to analyze user preferences, viewing history, and behavior patterns.

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Our artificial intelligence services


Our AI team provides comprehensive support for organizations implementing new machine learning solutions or upgrading existing ones. Our services encompass everything from analyzing business needs and designing AI models to selecting the optimal strategies and technologies for successful implementation.


We develop scalable MVPs and enterprise-wide AI tools to help our clients address business challenges and gain a competitive edge. Our services include AI requirements elicitation, data management and visualization, machine learning model development and tuning, as well as integration and maintenance.

A step-by-step implementation guide

  • 01

    Business analysis

    We conduct discovery workshops, interviews and process analysis to uncover business needs and user expectations while assessing the client’s technical environment. Using these insights, we identify the appropriate AI use case and define the scope of the solution.

  • 02

    Initial data analysis

    We undertake exploratory analysis to identify and assess the reliability of available data sources. These sources may include both corporate data assets owned by the customer and publicly accessible databases.

  • 03

    Solution design

    Following our technical and business evaluations, we carefully select an appropriate tech stack, design the product's architecture, and outline a comprehensive implementation plan.

  • 04

    Implementing the AI system

    We start with data pre-processing phase, which involves tasks like data: cleaning, unifying and transforming. Following this, we create the evaluation criteria for the solution and train the selected model using a combination of machine learning techniques.

  • 05

    Integration and deployment

    We seamlessly embed the trained model into the software architecture, enabling AI-based modules and functionalities to leverage its output effectively. Following this integration, we proceed to deploy the AI solution according to needs and preferences of our clients.

  • 06

    Support and model retraining

    We offer continuous support, maintenance and updates. This comprehensive approach includes fine-tuning of the AI model via continuous retraining with updated datasets, ensuring the solution remains effective and aligned with evolving business needs.

Artificial intelligence solutions across industries

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a primary catalyst for digital transformation, with the potential to revolutionize labor- and data-intensive processes, enhancing companies operational efficiency. Below, we present a diverse array of industry-specific AI solutions designed to tackle the challenges and intricacies inherent in various operational scenarios.

  • Predictive analysis for manufacturing planning

  • Predictive maintenance to maximize asset lifetime

  • Supply chain management

  • Product demand forecasting

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The expertise of the leaders, coupled with the diverse skill sets of their teams, truly sets them apart. Their vast experience across a myriad of projects ensures that they can adeptly handle virtually any project you envision. Furthermore, their deep involvement in the process is palpable; it's as if they seamlessly integrate and become an intrinsic part of your in-house development team.

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