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At Codino, we focus on helping our clients understand and utilize the potential of their data. We ensure that our data solutions are unified, clean, secure, and optimized for analytics, ultimately elevating our clients' business.


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Our Big Data Services

To unlock the full potential of your data and achieve great results, professional services are essential. Our team of data engineers, scientists, analysts, and developers bring field-proven expertise in the most advanced data management areas.

Data preparation

We will thoroughly review your data and its structure, consolidate information from various sources, clean and transform the data as needed.

Data architecture and modeling

We will create a data strategy, define and visualize the relationships between data assets, and develop a comprehensive plan detailing how data should flow between various points and systems.

Data warehousing

We can design scalable data warehouses tailored to your business9 and configure them for optimal performance. Additionally, we can create data lakes to store raw big data, enabling predictive modeling, ML algorithm training, and more.

Data integration

We can extract data from various distributed environments, transform it as required, and load it into a designated target location. If needed, we can also implement real-time data loading processes.

Data security and compliance

We guarantee comprehensive data security throughout its lifecycle, employing security solutions to mitigate risks such as breaches of data privacy.

Success stories

average ROAS increase
BI platform for retailers
The Codino team developed a retail-specific BI platform that enables retailers to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and segmentation. The system leverages large-scale transactional data collection, analysis, and AI-based predictions to provide retailers with meaningful insights. This platform has enhanced the rate of return on advertising for retailers by up to 32 times.
increase in productivity
A risk management solution for airlines
We developed a system for the airline analyst team that leverages big data to revolutionize risk detection and management. By drawing from vast amounts of data stored in the warehousing solution, this tool automates the identification of potential risks, saving valuable time and resources. As one analyst remarked, "We have accomplished in 3 minutes what used to consume an entire afternoon.

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Making sense of your data

Our team is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your data, empowering advanced solutions, gaining invaluable insights, and effectively tackling your critical business challenges.

Business optimization

Workflow streamlining

Demand forecasting

Supply chain optimization

Predictive maintenance


Customer analytics

Smart recommendations

Customer segmentation

Market trend prediction

Personalized marketing

Risk management

Financial risks forecasting

Fraud detection


How we handle your big data

  • 01

    Discovery & goal definition

    Identifying business needs, goals, expectations, and concerns Evaluating analytics and technology environments Data sources analysis Defining functional requirements

  • 02

    Architecture design

    Data modeling ETL/ELT pipeline design Design of a data warehouse Designing data connectors

  • 03

    BI tools selection

    Identifying the optimal business intelligence tools for each component of the BI solution

  • 04

    Solution development

    Implementation of custom data connectors Implementation of ETL/ELT pipelines and data integrations Development of the data warehouse Dashboards and reports creation

  • 05


    Setting up and running the solution on test environment Performance testing Acceptance testing Documentation creation

  • 06

    Deployment and maintenance

    Setting up and running the solution on production environment Continuous development of new reports and data sources Monitoring the performance of the solution and addressing issues

What Clients say about us

All members of the Codino team fit seamlessly into our delivery teams, building excellent relationships and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our Roadmap in a timely and efficient way. We have built extremely good relationships with them and they feel just like part of the team

Pete Willcox

VP Product

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