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Codino team and management are composed of individuals with strong technology backgrounds, combining software development expertise with excellent project management skills. We have successfully helped our clients both in Poland and internationally to grow their businesses.


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At Codino recognize that every organization is unique, and we take pride in tailoring our services to precisely align with your specific business goals

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Our team comprises of 28 highly skilled professionals. With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, we bring a high level of knowledge and skill to the table, guaranteeing that your next project will be successful

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In our commitment to building lasting relationships, we go beyond delivering software solutions – we foster long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.

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Open, transparent and effective communication is the key to successful collaborations. Our commitment to keeping you informed and involve ensures that our long-term partnerships are built on a foundation of trust and seamless interaction, making your experience with us truly exceptional.

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Delivering a successful project starts with understanding the idea behind it. During the requirement gathering phase, our team gets to know your business needs, challenges, potential customers, and goals. That’s how we ensure that the resulting software is what you require from us, avoiding costly gaps and misunderstandings.