We provide comprehensive IT solutions for our diversified clients. We'll take on any challenge troubling our customers and we'll deliver software perfectly tailored to their needs. As a result of our cooperation your company will be able to increase competitiveness on the market. We offer our services for various companies, but all of them have one thing in common - satisfaction with our services!


We respect the time of our customers because we know how it is important to have reliable schedule. Our software is always delivered on time.


We are powered by the latest technologies, used in the simplest way possible to satisfy our customer needs.


We value tried and tested approaches for delivering software. Deep knowledge and versatile skills allow us to operate more effectively.


Codino employees have the opportunity to participate in projects for companies of all sizes, operating in various sectors of the market. We have worked in the areas such as telecommunications, banking, insurance and public sector. Every company we work with is different. Delivering well crafted software solutions for your company is only possible after a careful analysis of your business. We pride ourselves on providing custom software adjusted to the needs of our customers. Each of our products is perfectly tuned to the needs of company that uses it. We would like you to consider the software that can support your organization in the following areas:

Mobile applications

Software for mobile devices is getting more and more attention. Codino has extensive experience in delivering software for modern mobile devices. We offer use of mobile devices for work time reporting and to localize people, vehicles and goods.


Integration of your current systems as well as new products with systems from external companies.

Individual solutions

We have gained experience from delivering various successful products and we can offer you software solutions for your custom business cases. We are open to suggestions from our clients and with pleasure we will engage in the design and implementation of any unconventional ideas.


Codino has extensive experience in delivering support systems for customer relationship management. Every company is different, but has a similar goal - to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Achieving this without software tools is almost impossible, this is why we deliver software tailored to the specifics of your business.

Storage and logistic systems

Lots of companies and their businesses need external suppliers. Codino offers delivering software for company to manage resources and relationships with suppliers.

Sales systems

Auction sites, online shops, sales applications are important features for every company to grow. Codino offers designing and implementing of e-commerce tools on individual request.

How do we work?

With individual approach to every cause we deliver software tailored to changing demands of our clients. We are aware of the dynamics of our customers. We design our software to be open for expansion and modifications! Our work process is in accordance with agile software development methodologies. Thanks Agile methodologies clients can better understand created software and fully customize the final functionality to unleash the power of software for their business.


Recently, we have been working on projects:
Telecommunication / Insurance sector / Financial sector / Mobile applications

Telecommunication sector

mobile number portability system for telecommunication operator, web application used by consultants for managing clients, development of platform integrating internal systems of telecommunication operator, development of application for telemarketers from Call Center

Insurance sector

development of insurance claims and policies management system

Financial sector

development of Business Intelligence systems

Mobile applications

virtual trainer
applications for Android


We are a team of professionals with great experience and enthusiasm We are driven by the latest technologies but we also appreciate tried and reliable solutions. We have years of experience in providing IT services for companies from various industries. Our team consists of developers with extraordinary programming abilities and skills, some of them have succeed in the international programming contests. We love to work with technologies such as:

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Groovy
  • JavaScript
  • Phyton
  • Spring
  • Grails
  • Angular Js
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • SQL
  • Hibernate
  • NoSql
  • Camel
  • Mockito
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